As you read this we will fast be approaching the end of 2023 and the beginning of the Christmas Festivities. 2023 has been a very positive year for Centura. We have achieved some notable financial milestones, our standing as a business has improved and we have given more to local communities and charities through the efforts of all our staff than at any time in our history.

The year started positively with the effects of Brexit and Covid receding. However inflation and the cost of living crisis quickly came along. As always Centura and its companies found themselves at the sharp end of these issues and have had to adapt and change to remain successful in a volatile marketplace. We are a great team and a growing team, and importantly, we react to market forces quickly and positively. This has resulted in an improving order book across our businesses throughout the year and the achievement of record sales for Centura.

As a business we now employ more than 350 people worldwide. During the year we have welcomed many new recruits. We will support all our staff and help them to develop their career aspirations. We always hope that every employee has a long and fulfilling career with Centura and its group companies.

You are a great team and what you have achieved in 2023 has been nothing short of brilliant. My Board and I wish to offer you our sincere thanks for all the efforts and hard work that you have put in to Centura during 2023.

It is time for you all to have some time with family and friends during the Christmas Break, you deserve it. Please spare a thought however for our friends in our Melbourne team who, once again will be working hard during the Christmas holidays.

But to you all, a big thank you and be proud of what you have achieved during 2023. Have a brilliant Christmas Break.