CRL Falkirk have once again been employed by Vestas Wind Systems, one of our most prestigious and regular clients, via our successful framework agreement, to carry out extensive work at Viking Wind Farm on Shetland. (Grouting a total of 103 turbines with a contract value of £931,000)

This is a very remote northern location at the very top of the United Kingdom that has the poorest weather conditions of the Northern Isles.

The team have been in Shetland since April and have managed to complete 80 out of 103 turbines at the time of this publication (July 2023) and are working towards a completion of grouting works in early August.

This has been a very challenging project with the turbines covering a vast area of central Shetland and the travel distance between turbines has been up to 20 miles.

Working in Shetland always provides interesting challenges including an overnight ferry trip from Aberdeen to Lerwick (15 hours). This ferry trip, even in summer, can test everyone’s ability to keep their last meal in place as the North Sea can be punishingly rough and the end of the trip is always welcome.

Once the grouting is complete the team will start on the waterproofing of the turbines which involves adding a layer of Triflex Towersafe over the grout ring to prevent any moisture entering the turbine basement.
Viking Wind Farm, Shetland
Alec Rae
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