Stirling Castle Moat Bridge
Robbie Mullen / Alec Rae
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CRL Scotland, as the Principal Contractor, have recently completed a prestigious project at Stirling Castle for Historic Environmental Scotland (HES).

Stirling Castle, an important Category A listed building, is one of the largest and most historically and architecturally significant castles in Scotland. The ancient castle sits atop an intrusive crag, which forms part of the Stirling Sill geological formation.

CRL were tasked initially with surveying the Moat Bridge which connects the carpark to the castle's gateway, but once the results of the survey became known, it was obvious that the bridge was in dire need of concrete repairs and a replacement of the completely failed waterproof system. With the bridge being the only access to the castle, coupled with the high number of pedestrians that trafficked the bridge daily, all works had to be carried out on night shift - a difficult task for any repairs and waterproofing works with Scotland's infamous climate.

To compound the situation, once the concrete had been broken-out, it was found that there was a high volume of corroded reinforcement which was required to be replaced. Renewing this was vital before the concrete repairs could be carried out and the walkway reinstated. Fortunately, quick decisions made by the team minimised any delays to the works and helped keep the programme on track. Once the concrete repairs were completed, the deck was protected using Fosroc's Nitodek System to keep it watertight for at least another 15 years.

Despite the unsociable working hours, having to battle against the weather and unforeseeable delays, the works were completed on time. This was another great accomplishment for the CRL Scotland team, and with HES very satisfied with the outcome, we are sure we will be carrying out similar historical projects for them in the future.