Concrete Repairs Ltd were employed as Principal Contractor for the remedial refurbishment to Compartment number 1 tank and roof at Sling DSR, between April and May 2021.

The interior surfaces were pressure washed cleaned with various concrete repairs, metalwork coatings and internal bandage works undertaken using DWI approved materials. A new stainless steel handrail was installed around the sump pump.

External independent system scaffolding along with material hoist and system staircase was erected to the full perimeter of the tank. The existing perimeter handrail was removed along with the existing roof membrane over Compartment number 1. A new fully reinforced Triflex ProTect PMMA waterproofing coating was installed, followed by spark and flood testing. The existing Protection Insulation board were reinstated, with a new layer of Geotextile and nominal triple washed aggregate laid.

The 2nr access hatches were lifted, waterproofed using Triflex ProDetail and reinstated on new Sikaflex Pro 3 mastic bed.

A new 300mm width x 150mm height concrete upstand was constructed on the dividing central wall between compartment number 1 & 2.

Perimeter Galvanised handrail system was installed to the perimeter of the roof, fixed into the external concrete ring-beam.
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15th June 2021
Sling DSR, Severn Trent Water
Submitted by Martyn Lewis