8 December 2017
Here is our time lapse video for November.

At the start: We have just completed hydro-
demolition to the joints and then cleaning up.

19 seconds: Carrying out partial depth concrete
repairs 'mid-span', ie between the joints.

up to 44 seconds: Preparing joints for concrete

up to 109 seconds: Concreting to joints and
waiting for concrete to 'cure' ie set fully.

The rest of the video shows more of the same continuing along the viaduct.

At 154 seconds: You can see hydro-demolition to a parapet unit that needs replacing. Note how the barrier colour changes to red whilst this is in progress, then yellow once complete. Red demarcates the safety exclusion zone.

In the foreground you can see the staircases (covered in white sheeting) we use to walk from the ground onto the viaduct, reducing the amount of vehicle movements we have to make on local roads. Access to these is strictly controlled and restricted to our workforce only via various security measures and pass system.

Please remember, whatever personnel you see on the viaduct, there is usually double that amount working underneath!
November's time lapse video at Oldbury