Please follow instructions below for opening Outlook. The GroupWise client should no longer be used.
If you have any problems opening Outlook, please use webmail as described below, and then contact the IT help desk.
New Email System Now Live

The new webmail address is

The link can also be found on the Intranet home page

Login using your work email address and your usual
computer login password.
Opening Outlook for first time

1.) Open Microsoft Outlook from the Windows start menu.

Note: If Outlook fails to start then please use webmail temporarily as described below. GroupWise will need removing
from some computers before Outlook will open.

2.) Continue through the set up screens accepting all defaults and warnings.
If prompted, click Office 365 as the account type.
If prompted, enter your password (same as computer login password)
Click Done or Finish

3.) Outlook will then prepare your profile for first use and download your emails, calendars and contacts.

4.) To keep the Outlook icon on the taskbar, right click the icon and select Pin to taskbar

5.) Your signature will need to be created again in Outlook. Instructions can be found here
Mobile/Tablet connectivity

If you previously synced GroupWise to your phone or
tablet, please remove the account from the device.

Then download the Microsoft Outlook app from Google
Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS)

Login to the app using your work email address and the
password you use to login to your computer.