29 May 2019

Our first major contract in Australia
CRL Australia have been working for Cross Yarra partnership (CYP) in Melbourne to install 3500 sqm of BASF 930 PA - bonded HDPE  membrane, our first major order for our new Australian office.
The Metro Tunnel Project is an $11Bn (£6Bn) city loop rail project, similar to Crossrail in London.

Under the control of our construction manager Nick Lauricella (seen on the right next to Jon Paul Marrow our Regional Manager), we have nearly completed work on the west box of North Melbourne station (Arden) working 20m below ground. This is 1 of 5 stations and 2 portals currently under construction. In total the whole project will involve installing of over 200,000 sqm of waterproof membrane and we hope to negotiate works to the other stations, following on from the success at North Melbourne.

Well done to everyone involved in making this a success including Dave, Trevor, Gabor and Alex.
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