CRL were recently appointed by National Highways (Area 10) to replace the existing 1.0m high parapets with new 1.8m high parapets on a number of their bridge structures around the Manchester and Warrington areas.

There were a number of structures that were identified as suicide hotspots, and most of the suicide attempts were from climbing over the parapets from the footpaths. The scheme involved the installation of temporary edge protection over the motorways, removal of the existing parapet system, repairs to the stringcourse and installation of the new posts, rails, and mesh. To prevent the public from traversing along the back of the new parapet, there were anti-access panels installed at each end of the bridges.

Varley & Gulliver were employed by CRL to remove the existing parapet, as well as supply and install the new parapet. Working in collaboration with the traffic management contractors and National Highways, we managed to complete the schemes over the M60, M56 and M62 motorways with minimal amount of disruption to the travelling public and provided a high-quality product which had been commended by the client.

The total value of the schemes had contributed nearly £1.75m worth of work to the business.
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Barry Morris
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