10 September 2019

CRL nearing completion at Milford Towers in London
CRL are currently working as the Main Contractor, for Lewisham Homes, on a concrete repair project at Milford Towers in Catford. Milford Towers consists of 9 residential blocks, 22 commercial units and a busy marketplace.

The original scope of works was to high pressure clean all the concrete elements, carry out concrete repairs where necessary, apply a fairing coat and finish off with an anti-carbonation coating. However, once the scaffolding was in position and a more thorough inspection of the concrete elements had taken place, it was found that extensive additional repairs were required to the concrete ring beams. This has had a consequential effect on the programme and an extension of time to the works. The original contract period has now been extended to 60 weeks, from 32 weeks, and the value of the project has increased by over £300k to £1,8mil from £1,45mil.

Additional works has seen the replacement of brickwork, repointing, Helifix repairs, expansion joint replacement, removal of defective concrete parapet walls, replacement of powder coated handrails and staircase tread repairs.

1 of 6 - Elevation 1 after
1 of 6 - Elevation 1 after
As the buildings are fully occupied, the site team has had to take great care in maintaining safe access and egress to all commercial and residential properties, with public protection being top of the list when planning each stage of works.