23 September 2015
City University Mentee Of The Year - Thomas Luyimbo-Lule

As some of you may know Tony is a mentor to civil engineering undergraduates at City University. Each year for the past 5 years he has spent time with his students, helping them to understand the transition from University to the world of work that will follow. This involves regular meetings, goal setting, time management, cv preparation and real job interview practice. Some time is spent in our offices and if possible site visits are arranged.

This year Tony's mentee is Thomas Luyimbo-Lule. Thomas has now completed year 2 and is well on the way to graduation in 2016. His site visit was to the CRL works in the Channel Tunnel during which he was driven to France, a rare experience. Thomas has worked on summer placement in CRL Surveys and is due back at City in early October.

Thomas has worked very hard and was awarded City Mentee of the Year at a recent ceremony. He is pictured collecting his award from Tony. We all wish Thomas well in his final year.