Progress continues on the P64 Cathodic Protection Project at Gravelly Hill, Birmingham. All 12 bent structures have been erected with access scaffold, timber cladded and surface prepped ready for the follow-on trades.

Extensive additional repairs to both cross-beam structures and columns are taking place, with the consequential effect on the programme and an extension of time to the programmed works.

Completion of all works is now anticipated around July 2019, with the monitoring period continuing 12 months from this date. Additional repairs equate to approximately 160% more than initially tendered.
15 November 2018

Gravelly Hill update
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1 of 5

Cathodic protection works to the first 5 beams are starting, with spark testing and installation of conductor bar and anode ribbon. Some permutations on the original CP design to the cross-beams has also taken place, to account for changes in site conditions to that originally envisaged. This work is also ongoing.

A recent visit by the Environment Agency, confirmed their satisfaction that we are continuing to manage and monitor the waste water from the hydrodemolition process to a measured and acceptable standard. We were issued with a “pass” notification following their inspection.

The instruction and detail to proceed on a major new package of additional work relating to the New AC electrical supply, is being awaited. We expect that this will be confirmed to us within the next week. This instruction will trigger a new raft of work that continues on, in parallel with other site activities.

J Paul Quinlan
Project Manager