Eastern Shelter is a Grade II listed structure located on Barry Island in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. It was constructed c.1923 as part of the development of Barry Island as a democratic seaside resort aimed at the working classes of the industrial areas of South Wales.

Built in the Classical style, it is a tall open, single-storey concrete structure spanning the seafront promenade and set within the seafront wall. It has nine bays divided by paired Tuscan columns with full entablature and panelled pediment above. It also has sloping flank walls and a viewing platform on the roof.

Although previous repairs had been undertaken to the structure in 2014, most of these appeared to be inadequate and of the wrong size, with all the structural elements of the shelter now showing signs of spalling and visibly corroding reinforcement. Based on CRL Bristol’s history of working for The Vale of Glamorgan Council at The Western Shelter in 2018, we were called in and managed to negotiate the contract as the Principal Contractor.

The works consist of approximately 31m3 of concrete repairs, the installation of approximately 2,225 sacrificial anodes, replacement of roughly 235Lm of corroded reinforcement, preparation of the concrete surfaces by pressure washing and application of approximately 2,000m2 of anti-carbonation coatings. At the same time various waterproof patching works to the top of the podium slab are being carried out.

The contract award value was £442,664 with a programme of 16 weeks. However due to an increase in the amount of concrete repairs required, the projected contract value is £566,916. This includes an additional six week extension to the programme.

I would like to thank Ryan Holland / Jay Harding and their site team for their hard work on the delivery of this demanding project.
Eastern Shelter, Barry - Restoration Work
Roger Southwell
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