I would like to inform you of our current trading position and future arrangements that are planned over the next few weeks.

On 16th April we entered a further 3 weeks of lockdown in accordance with Government guidelines. The next Government review will be just before the May Bank Holiday. Boris Johnson’s speech this morning would suggest that it is unlikely that any current restrictions will be lifted before the second week of May. By then I would assume that the current rules regarding social distancing, hand washing etc will still be required. Any change will only be allowed if the infection curve flattens and starts to decline. At present it seems that it may be flattening and the next few days will be critical. As always the health and wellbeing of our staff and anyone connected with us remains the most important priority.

In Centura the situation is stable. In accordance with Government guidelines UK construction can continue. However all activities in Scotland remain postponed in accordance with local rules. As before in England and Wales some of our contracts have been postponed by our clients. This may be because of the risk of social contact between our teams and the public or building residents. It may be because of a lack of staff from the client organisation. Where allowed construction can carry on subject to some very sensible site working practices which we are adopting. All our regional teams are working with our clients to agree how and when we may resume our projects. In the past 3 days we have been notified of restarts on several major CRL projects. CRL Surveys continues to receive orders and will carry out those works where it is safe and economical to do so. Equilux and TLF are in a similar position. We continue to receive enquiries and orders for future works mostly to start in mid to late summer.

Because we are less busy than planned for this time of the year many of you are now on furlough leave. Those on furlough may carry out any appropriate e-learning and may volunteer to help out in local communities. Those on furlough may also take another job as long as it is not connected to Centura in any way.

Many staff are on furlough and many others have accepted a reduction in pay. I would like to thank everyone affected for your understanding and your loyalty. We now find ourselves in a challenging period where cash management is vitally important and will remain so until we start to see the expected increase in our monthly sales.

Our focus is now to keep the company on a steady course over the next few weeks so that we can restart operations quickly and safely. We will do whatever it takes.

Tony Rimoldi

Group Chief Executive