By now I am sure that you will all have learned that the United Kingdom needs to adopt further measures to control the rise of Covid 19 infections and to help prevent further pressure on NHS resources.

The recent announcements from Government mean that with effect from Wednesday 6th January the UK enters a further lockdown period, mostly under “Tier 5” rules. These rules put strict limits on social mixing, travel and recreation. As far as our jobs are concerned we are all encouraged to work from home wherever this is possible. But of course the majority of our employees are site based.

My current understanding is that construction projects throughout the UK are allowed to continue. That of course covers all the site based activities of Centura Group companies. During the past 9 months since the pandemic began we have altered our site operating procedures to comply with industry guidelines and to maintain a safe place of work. Those rules and procedures will carry on and must be followed at all times. With that in mind our sites will remain open unless further instructions from government or our clients prevent us continuing.

However we also have many staff based in our regional and local offices. During the past 9 months you have been able to work from home whenever circumstances required. I would like our regional offices to remain open wherever possible. The company must continue be available to its clients and customers and so maintaining all lines of communication is very important. I will ask our regional management teams to liaise with their local staff regarding home working whilst still being able to operate our usual company activities. This may include rota working or some sharing of responsibilities. These will be decided amongst our local teams.

I think we may expect this situation to continue for several weeks. During that time there may be further restrictions placed on all of us. We must follow the rules laid out by government as they are a legal requirement. I understand that many of you will have additional problems with childcare, caring for vulnerable relatives and dealing with other personal issues. The company will be as understanding to individual needs as is reasonable. But we must also maintain our ability to service the needs of our clients and therefore to preserve our company.

The launch of mass vaccinations against Covid 19 has now started. It will be several weeks before the effect of the vaccinations is felt but in time we will be able to work past this pandemic and try to get back on an even keel.

I thank you all for your understanding and support. I urge you all to follow the rules to keep yourselves, your colleagues and your families safe.

Thank you

Tony Rimoldi
Group Chief Executive.