As a result of the continuing Covid 19 crisis you will all be aware that the Prime Minister has announced a new national lockdown for England starting on Thursday 5th November and planned to continue until Wednesday 2nd December. These new restrictions are in addition to arrangements already in place in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In each of the four countries the rules and restrictions vary and are subject to local rules and enforcement.

These actions are in response to a dramatic increase in Covid cases across the UK. It is important for all of that we follow these rules to keep ourselves safe and importantly to help stop the continuing spread of the virus.

The Prime Minister stated that most workplaces will remain open and continued to encourage working from home wherever possible. He also clearly stated that the construction industry is to remain open for business, which of course covers all the businesses in the Centura Group.

Since this pandemic started back in March the Centura Group and all its employees have been absolutely brilliant in adapting our working practices to comply with new legislation and to continuing to provide safe places of work. As I understand these latest rules, we are able to comply in every case so I do not anticipate any major changes to our current activities or those planned for the near future. We must of course all hope that any future requirements do not become even more restrictive.

During these past few months many of you have adapted your daily diaries and working practices to comply. Many have worked from home either partially or fully. We are now all used to conferences and meetings on-line using Microsoft Teams. It is likely that these changes will remain with us for the foreseeable future. I will ask the business managers to liaise with their local staff to agree individual working arrangements. I sincerely hope that we will not be further restricted in our ability to work efficiently over the next few weeks. The Government has confirmed the furlough scheme will be extended but provided we can operate at planned levels I do not anticipate that we will need to make use of that financial help.

I had hoped that we would not need to go back to lockdown but all the predictions were that a second wave of virus infections was very likely.

I thank you all for your patience and loyalty throughout these past months. Please be assured that the senior staff of Centura are doing everything possible to drive the business forward and to be in the best shape possible for a future upturn.

Tony Rimoldi
Group Chief Executive