18 November 2016 - Tony Visits Clyde Windfarm

On Friday, this week Tony was in Scotland and asked if we could arrange a visit to one of our sites.

We arrange a visit to our site at Clyde Windfarm Extension where we are working with Siemens installing a further 54 wind turbines.
CRL have been involved with this project since 2011 and have grouted all 152 turbines on the previous 3 phases.

During this visit Tony was treated to a spectacular display of every type of weather that the late Scottish autumn could produce from dense fog to heavy snow and everything else in between and ending up with an incredible display of the low but very bright winter sun.

The access road to this site is a bit of a challenge and with a yellow warning in place for snow we set off from the site access to travel the 11 km on site roads to reach Siemens compound which is in the centre of the site. At the entrance to the site we left the public road and headed off on clear roads but were soon ploughing through 2-3 inches of snow on unmade roads with very steep inclines.

We eventually managed to make our way to Siemens offices and after induction headed out into the snowstorm to find the CRL team.
Like all good Scotsmen when we found them they were hard at work in the snow (they knew we were coming) and Tony was given a tour of the turbine they were working on and although the low temperatures were preventing us from grouting all the preparatory work was in place.

At the end of this visit the weather suddenly cleared and from nowhere stunning views of the surrounding hills appeared out of the snowstorm treating everyone to a big slice of what makes the Scottish landscape so magnificent.

This post includes a few photographs taken during the visit and a couple of short video clips taken from my dash-cam that give a good idea of the scale of this project.
View looking over site
View looking over site
2. Clyde still a long way to go
1. Heading for the hills
3. The big dipper
4. Getting dull snow on the way
5. Arriving at the Siemens compound
6. Off in search of the CRL team
6. Leaving site 11 km to go!!!
Heading for the hills
Clyde still a long way to go
The big dipper
Getting dull snow on the way
Arriving at the Siemens compound
Off in search of the CRL team
Leaving site 11 km  to go!!!