CRL Bristol recently undertook a 3-day Community Project at the local Chandag Infants’ School, where Sandra’s granddaughter is a pupil, to clean and repair an area called ‘Small World’ which had become unsafe for the children to use.

‘Small World’ play areas are very valuable in providing early years children with a sensory, tactile and imaginative play experience which provides an opportunity to explore new materials, build language, practice social skills and gain an understanding of the world by child-led and self-directed play.

The school requested a natural landscape to feature areas of sand, embedded and loose stones, sparkly stones, fossil and fern imprints, feature roads and a couple of pipe tunnels, all with a neutral colour scheme.

Almost all the Bristol staff spent at least one day on the project.

The school were delighted with the finished result: ‘It looks fantastic and the staff are really pleased with the area’. We were invited to attend a special assembly to reveal the repaired play area to the children and we presented them with toy cars and diggers.
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4th October 2021
CRL Bristol's Community Project
Submitted by Sandra May