Avenham Towers in Preston is 1 of 3, 10 storey local authority owned blocks of flats. All 3 blocks had rain screen cladding system installed on them some years ago. The local authority recently took the decision to remove the cladding system and the insulation panels that lay beneath the external panels.

CRL was commissioned to remove the full system on all blocks. The lower-level panels were accessed by aluminium tower scaffold, this was before the installation of mast climbers as working platforms.

The works consisted of the removal of each separate external panel by extracting the fixings bolts securing them to the steel support frame. After each panel was safely removed the team then took out all the mineral wool insulation that was held in place by the panels, certain areas of the tower blocks had large foam block insulation panels, these were also removed. Any exposed areas were kept safe with fire- proof blanket barriers.

No mains powered hand tools were used during the whole process to eliminate any sparks occurring for fire protection purposes. Finally, the steel rail support system that secures the cladding panels to the building was removed from the structure and all the fixing and bolt holes holding the frame in place were made good. A large percentage of the works were carried out in temperatures around 2 degrees, so conditions were difficult in the early stages.
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9th August 2021
Avenham Towers (Preston)
Submitted by Barry Morris